Sarah Haselschwardt

  • Sarah Haselschwardt

    Sarah Haselschwardt

    K-12 Senior Designer

Sarah has an exceptional talent for listening, really listening. She figures out the right questions to ask, hears the answer, and then turns that answer into the right solution. Sarah joined Legat Kingscott since its inception in 2002. Her job description is Design Architect, but to truly excel at what she does, Sarah often finds herself filling different roles including mediator, problem solver, scheduler, child behavior analyst and almost any activity that provides insight and solutions towards designing exceptional buildings that fit the user’s needs. Design for Sarah is a way of life, whether with building design, furniture and art fair projects, her home, or her unique personal style.


Bachelor of Science, Architecture, Lawrence Technological University
Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Lawrence Technological University

Contact Information

Phone: 614.228.7758